Kyle (darkbringer) wrote in hxc_awesome,

i guess this is the "initiation"

Name- kyle
Age- 15
Location- MI florida
Private or public school/name of school and grade- public; Merritt Island High School; [soon to be] 10th
Status- ?? like how? im... healthy?/single?
Hair color- brown
What do you do in your free time- this... listen to music, video games, and hangout

Boy Name- bob
Girl Name- sam
Type of car- anything that runs?
Song- "12 51" by The Strokes
Bands- the jimi hendrix experience; sublime; bob marley
Shoes- barefoot
type of clothing- baggy-esque
brand of clothing- nothing specific
color- black
food- any kind of chicken
sport- hackysack
movies- donnie darko/the shawshank redemption

Pet Peeve- typos/bad grammar
Color- beige
Food- vomit
Boy name- richard
Girl name- gretchen
Name one person you don`t like and why- uhm.... i dont really.. _not_ like anyone...

_;;This or that;;_
sex or abstinence- abstinence
hotdog or hamburger- hamburger
blink 182 or green day- blink 182
pink or purple- pink
pants or skirt- pants
trucker hat or beanie- beanie
making out with britney spears or making out with a dog- britney spears i guess? im not too into inter-species relationships

What are your veiws on President Bush? i guess he's not that smart/great of a president, but who knows what would have happened if al gore was president during 9/11.
What do you think about gay marriage? i'm ok with it. they should be able to get married if they want.
What do you think about vegetarian's? i could care less if you're are a vegetarian, or want to become one. its a way of life i probably will never understand, but i can respect it. i wouldnt eat meat around someone if they felt uncomfortable about it. but eating meat is natural...
What do you think about self mutilation/cutting? its another one of those things i dont entirely understand. maybe they just like the feeling of pain? i dont know.
what do you think about the mods? they're cool, and funny-ish. and one _kind of_ lives next to me... but theres a possibility that she's moving to germany... which would suck, because i'd lose a cool neighbor.

Who is your worst enemy/someone you dislike and why? wait... isnt this just another form of the one question "name one person you dont like and why"? i dont really have any enemies... and if i do, i dont know about them. maybe you can assign me an enemy, and possibly a life.
Have you even gotten into a fight? If so with who, did you win, and give some details. no, but i witnessed a fight, the second day of highschool. theres not much to detail, other than that i was right next to them when it started, so i was almost forced into it. and it seemed that it actually _started_ during lunch, because one guy threw a cookie, and it hit the other guy, then they finished it after school.
Why do you want to join hXc_awesome? because im the coolest mofo around and i need to show it off, and make sure everyone knows who i am. not really... i could very well pass as the epitome of loser. but danni had this thing, so i thought i'd join.

1.) a logical explination and answer for 2+2=? if you start out with two fingers raised, your index and middle fingers; then raise two more, your ring and pinky fingers; then you have four fingers raised.
2.) are you a band geek? indeed i am
3.) Do you have love for band geek? ofcourse!
3.) chalk or dry erase? chalk; vintage
4.) which accepted banner do you want it you are accepted? -- wow, thats alot of napolean-- but i would definately go for the one that says "you have class". oh yeah.

Now..promote us in atleast 2 places ( the more the better) AND


post 2 good pictures of yourself, 1 silly picture and if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend post a picture of them.
Image hosted by
hmm... i guess that was me... before homecoming... ish...

Image hosted by
i dont have any good pictures... because im a loser...

Image hosted by
i thought i had a burger... maybe... ok probably not.

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