nicole (nicoleiscool123) wrote in hxc_awesome,

Name- Nicole
Age- 16
Location- Bradenton, fl
Private or public school/name of school and grade-Public/ Bayshore high school/11th.
Status- Single.
Hair color- Dark brown/red.
What do you do in your free time- If i ever have free time, I listen to music and go to shows.

Boy Name- aden
Girl Name- Alexia
Type of car- VW bus
Song- Say it aint so
Bands- Rise against, Atreyu, Letterkills, As i lay dying, Unearth, norma jean.
Shoes- etnies.
type of clothing- ones i wear?
brand of clothing- i dont have one.
color- Green
food- Angel hair pasta
sport- football.
movies- The boondock saints, Fight club, Dodgeball.

Pet Peeve- people who put theyre feet on me, i hate feet.
Color- brown.
Food- spinach
Boy name-luis
Girl name- amber ( i hope no one has these names.. lol i just think theyre plain)
Name one person you don`t like and why- david. Hes creepy and a complete ass.
He thinks anything he says is right and if you dont agree, then you are stupid.

_;;This or that;;_
sex or abstinence- sex
hotdog or hamburger- hamburger
blink 182 or green day- argg... greenday
pink or purple- Purple
pants or skirt- Pants!
trucker hat or beanie- trucker hat
making out with britney spears or making out with a dog- ill take the dog.. lol jk

What are your veiws on President Bush? sounds like a stupid redneck. But thats pointing out the obvious.
What do you think about gay marriage? I think if you love the person, it shouldnt matter.
What do you think about vegetarian's? Im all for it. I use to be a vegitarian, but i got sick, i hate tofu.
What do you think about self mutilation/cutting? Honestly, i thinks its for attention, and if you need to do that to get attention you really need help.

Who is your worst enemy/someone you dislike and why?
i thought i answered this but.. alright.
Theres this kid david who is a complete weirdo. He talks about astrology all fricken day. hes the type of person who pushes his beliefs on you and if you dont like it he flips out. I dont like people like that. It annoys me.
Have you even gotten into a fight? If so with who, did you win, and give some details.
Ive gotten into a fight when i was like 10.
This little kid was talking shit about my 5 year old brother and basically i beat him up. I won. The end.
Why do you want to join hXc_awesome?
Because HxC is awesome. Its my favorate type of music.
1.) a logical explination and answer for 2+2=? well see if you take the first 2 and you add it with the other 2 you get 4. How you may ask? try using your fingers.
2.) are you a band geek? no.. im a chorus geek.
3.) Do you have love for band geek? nope... but i did.
3.) chalk or dry erase? dry erase
4.) which accepted banner do you want it you are accepted?
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Now..promote us in atleast 2 places ( the more the better) AND
post 2 good pictures of yourself, 1 silly picture and if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend post a picture of them.
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