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Name- Nikki
Age- 14
Location- Phoenix, Arizona
Private or public school/name of school and grade- Public/ Madison #1/ 8th
Status- single
Hair color- light brown
What do you do in your free time- listen to music, hangout with friends, & go online

Boy Name- Seth
Girl Name- Scarlette
Type of car- VW Bug
Song- Ride the wings of Pestilence by FFTL
Bands- the used, FFTL, senses fail, norma jean, underOATH, blood brothers
Shoes- converse
type of clothing- sweater or pants
brand of clothing- doesn't matter, i wear whatever
color- gray or green
food- italian
sport- volleyball
movies- sixteen candles, breakfast club, cinderella, pretty in pink, grease

Pet Peeve- my blanket's tag has to be at the end of mybed or i can't fall asleep
Color- i like all the colors
Food- eggs
Boy name- Brad
Girl name- Juliana
Name one person you don`t like and why- Juliana, cause she talks shit about me, and pretends to be my friend

_;;This or that;;_
sex or abstinence- abstinence
hotdog or hamburger- hot dog
blink 182 or green day-...blink 182
pink or purple- pink
pants or skirt- pants
trucker hat or beanie- trucker hat
making out with britney spears or making out with a dog- dog

What are your veiws on President Bush? I dont personally like him. He could have done things differently, like the war in Iraq. I don't like the way he handles stuff. Yet he done things, we don't like or do like and we can't change that. Its over and done with.
What do you think about gay marriage? I support it. I don't think it should matter about sex, it should matter if two people care for and love each other. it doesn't matter on race, color, religion, or sex.
What do you think about vegetarian's? I support it. Lately I have been thinking of becoming one myself. I hate seeing the way animals are getting killed just to give us food to eat. Its horrible.
What do you think about self mutilation/cutting? Some people do it for attention, but everyone person who does it says they have a reason. Mainly for depression. They do it to relieve stress or something, but really, what does it really do, nothing. Its causing more pain on you than you know it. Think that hurting your self is going to solve your problems are not true, its just making things worse. If your having problems, don't do self-harming, it doesn't help, but give you more pain.

Who is your worst enemy/someone you dislike and why? Nikki, because we use to be best of friends. Then she started acting differently. Then people told me she was talkng shit about me behind my back. She came to me telling me that people said I was the one talking shit, which wasn't true. Then she tried to get alot of people aganist me, and she did. So now I don't talk to those people or her anymore
Have you even gotten into a fight? If so with who, did you win, and give some details. No I have not, but once i do, i'll tell you all the details =]
Why do you want to join hXc_awesome? It seems awesomely rad. Also, because I want to be awesome like all of you.!

1.) a logical explination and answer for 2+2=? there was a 2 walking down the street and then there was another 2 coming towards the other, and then the collided and made a bigger number.
2.) are you a band geek? no, sadly.
3.) Do you have love for band geek? heck yes.
3.) chalk or dry erase? CHALK!
4.) which accepted banner do you want it you are accepted?
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Now..promote us in atleast 2 places ( the more the better) AND ;
1) http://www.livejournal.com/users/nerdsrsexy619/52478.html?view=453118#t453118

post 2 good pictures of yourself, 1 silly picture and if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend post a picture of them.
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