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Private or public school/name of school and grade-Public.EWJS.10th
Hair color-brown
What do you do in your free time-eL Jay!

Boy Name-Matt
Girl Name-Willow
Type of car-one that works
Song-Mood Ring-Relient K
Bands-Relient K. Weezer. Nirvana. Streetlight Manefesto. Aquabats. The Killers. The Beatles. Keane. My Chemical Romance. Green Day.
Shoes-Pointe Shoes
type of clothing-Clothes that are on sale
brand of clothing-does it matter?
movies-Romantic Comedy.Stupid movies.

Pet Peeve-When people talk with thier mouth full, when the preppie girls yell for no freakin reason, when people pretend to be someone thier not, disrespect to anyone.
Color-The color of vomit
Food-Lima Beans
Boy name-Dick
Girl name-Danni (just kidding)
Name one person you don`t like and why-My Brother Garrett, for reasons i dont want to get into right now

_;;This or that;;_
sex or abstinence-abstinence
hotdog or hamburger-neither
blink 182 or green day-green day
pink or purple-pink
pants or skirt-pants
trucker hat or beanie-ehh...neither
making out with britney spears or making out with a dog-
Britney Spears=Herpes

What are your veiws on President Bush? I think he needs to get out of his father's shadow, and stop trying to be a big war hero, and go do something useful like farm peanuts
What do you think about gay marriage? I have no problem with someone being homosexual, people need to leave them alone, i think they can marry whoever they want.
What do you think about vegetarian's? They have a lot of respect, and thier awesome
What do you think about self mutilation/cutting? I think its not a good way to deal with your anger, i think for some people its an attention thing. Most people dont realize it, but it also hurts the people around you.
what do you think about the mods?They are freakin hot

Who is your worst enemy/someone you dislike and why? Well at this point i dont have any enemies, but some of the people at SFA arent very nice..
Have you even gotten into a fight? If so with who, did you win, and give some details-I dont like to resort to fighting..its not good
Why do you want to join hXc_awesome?I want to regain my hxc title

1.) a logical explination and answer for 2+2=? 2+2=5 cuz i said so bitch!
2.) are you a band geek?used to be..ahh the good old days
3.) Do you have love for band geek?Hell yeah
3.) chalk or dry erase?Dry Erase
4.) which accepted banner do you want it you are accepted?one that is definatly hxc

Now..promote us in atleast 2 places ( the more the better)
In my 2 Communities

post 2 good pictures of yourself, 1 silly picture and if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend post a picture of them.

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