Ishmael (_killafornia) wrote in hxc_awesome,

Name- Maura
Age- 15
Location- Cocoa Beach, FL
Private or public school/name of school and grade- public, CBHS, 11th
Status- Single
Hair color- Brown
What do you do in your free time- Magic and mischeif for the most part.

Boy Name- David
Girl Name- Lisa
Type of car- Cadillac Escalade!
Song- uhhhh I dunno
Bands- Transplants
Shoes- my Descendents vans...mmmm...
type of clothing- 80s style
brand of clothing- Famous Stars and Straps
color- Purple
food- Ice cream
sport- football
movies- Love Actually, Grease, and Spice World

Pet peeve- When people dislike you but act like they're your mates infront of adults
Color- Uhhhh don't have a least fav colour
Food- Stir fry
Boy name- Dunno..haha I suck
Girl name- Hulga, Ethel
Name one person you don`t like and why- Hmmm.........OH, I don't like hxc people when they're extremely rude at shows and just like to cause pain, not enjoy listening to the music being played. It's a big stressfest trying to have fun at the same time as sheilding your face so as not to get your teeth knocked out by a stupid whore with brass knuckles

_;;This or that;;_
sex or abstinence- Abstinence
hotdog or hamburger- Neither
blink 182 or green day- Blink!! DURRRRRRRRH!
pink or purple- Purple
pants or skirt- Pants
trucker hat or beanie- Beanie
making out with britney spears or making out with a dog- making out with Britney Spears

What are your veiws on President Bush? I honestly don't give two flying pig's bottoms about politics. The most involved I was in them was in 9th grade when I first became friends with Christian and all the time in journalism he told me about how much Bush sucked...but I'm really just not interested in presidents and whatnot. I say YIP YIP to monarchys!!!!! Woo!
What do you think about gay marriage? I love gay people, they make great shopping buddies. They have as much a right as straight people do to get married.
What do you think about vegetarian's? Reel Big Fish wrote a really funny song about vegetarians. I like them, they make good friends (hahaha that doesn't make sense. whatever).
What do you think about self mutilation/cutting? I've had a lot of friends who have cut in the past, and I think that it's a really unhealthy habit to get into.
what do you think about the mods? They are sa-weet sweet shweet. This is an awesome possum community which is why I want to be in it.

Who is your worst enemy/someone you dislike and why? My worst worst worst enemy lyke wh0@ is a girl who I had the pleasure of classes with from 6-9th grade. She made up a lot of rumors about me and once tried to kick the shit out of me outside a classroom. Since then she's moved to Alabama and most of the 'harm' she inflicts on me now is calling me a "dirty lesbian" over AIM. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a douche...
Have you even gotten into a fight? If so with who, did you win, and give some details.
When I was on holiday, my childhood best friend, her brother, and I were playing football outside her house, she told me I was crap at football and started slagging me off and pushing me about until I cracked and punched her square in the face. She got a bloody nose and I got 3 days grounding. I got grounded while I was on vacation. How crap is that?
Why do you want to join hXc_awesome? Because I want to be hxc awesome omggggggggggggggg and also because I spent ages doing this app because the questions were really interesante and also bon.

1.) a logical explination and answer for 2+2=? Two pounds of bananas plus two pounds of peanut butter equals 4 pounds of yum!
2.) are you a band geek? Not yet, but I'm joining middle school band next year so I will be soon. Woo woo!
3.) Do you have love for band geek? Duh, a lot of my friends are band kidz
3.) chalk or dry erase? Chalkychalk!
4.) which accepted banner do you want it you are accepted? Deffo the one where the lady is kissing the llama

Now..promote us in atleast 2 places ( the more the better) AND
post 2 good pictures of yourself, 1 silly picture and if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend post a picture of them.


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